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Since creation, whispers began in heaven about the day an angel would give his sacred sword to a human. This fun adventure reveals the fulfillment of that ancient prophecy in modern-day America.


Until Pastor Dan Clark received his inspired vision, he and his wife, Kathy, lived a peaceful life in Roseville, California. Shortly after the vision, God sends two angels to ask the husband-and-wife team to make a vital covenant with Him, and they agree. The adventure begins with remarkable success but soon turns into a definitive test of faith. The preacher learns that the price of keeping his promise with God will almost certainly cost him the life of his wife. There now lays a faith-challenging six months ahead of Dan to decide if he will break his promise with God.


The pastor’s quirky wit is well-known, but it doubles when he faces danger. Fortunately or unfortunately for us, as we travel with him on this frightening adventure of warfare with a fallen angel and his giant Nephilim offspring, we get treated to a double shot of his brand of humor.

Inspiration For The Novel

In 1970, a vivid dream overwhelmed me about the end-of-time where six-fingered men controlled the world. At the time, I had no knowledge of Biblical six-fingered giants. This dream became the seed of my inspiration.


Thirty-five years later, I began studying the Bible with Dr. Chuck Missler, an anointed teacher and founder of Koinonia House Ministries. While listening to one of his studies about the giants from Genesis 6, I felt a heavenly urge to author a novel based on my dream. Knowing it would take years of commitment, I fought against it. Nevertheless, in 2005, I began writing. Neither money, ego, nor fame were strong enough motivators to take on the task of authoring a novel. What was my motivation? You decide.

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